1. We can offer genuine and sincere telesales/telemarketing for your business. We offer all of the usual services associated with this including data cleansing, lead generation, direct sales and appointment making, etc.  If there is any other area you need help with which we haven't mentioned, just ask!

2. We will work from your brief outlining what you want to achieve from the campaign.  We ascertain details about your company background and also, the basic selling points of your product / service, any USP's and any special offers you are currently running to entice new customers.  We usually work from excel spreadsheets of data supplied by yourselves and document each phone call outcome with comprehensive notes, against each record. We can guarantee a minimum of 20 calls per hour - max 25 per hour, depending on type of project

3. We can always use CRM systems as special requests.  We can also supply the data as required, but there are obviously cost implications.  As a preference, we would rather work from your data.

4. We report back to you with a complete update and summary of results generated at the end of each session,  and provide the updated spreadsheet/data for your perusal.

5. We can send any emails etc to prospective clients as per your requirements. We are also on-hand to answer any emails should you need to contact us whilst we are working for you

6. We only book out sessions in blocks of 5 hours as a minimum, which is guaranteed 100-125 calls made. This is due to the fact that true results cannot be gauged in any less time.  The National Sales Executive Association say that 80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact, therefore 5 hours is the very least amount of time required.
7. Finally, it goes without saying all call costs are covered in our rate, however overseas calling rates are to be discussed if required.
We Look forward to working for you soon and helping your business get to where it needs to be.